is a 5 week online group course for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want financial clarity and ease. You’ll use proven tools and simple systems like Profit First to manage your revenue, expenses and taxes.

Increase your financial sustainability and profitability  
- so you can create the life and business of your dreams.

In Profit in Practice, you will

Transform your cash flow management to create greater ease and more predictability

Create a custom Profit Blueprint - your roadmap to minimize risk and increase profits

Learn how to tune into your business and make decisions that will ensure permanent profitability 

The next session starts April 20, 2021. Secure your seat today.

Imagine this:

Opening your annual business tax bill and feeling giddy about paying it

(because even after taking a decent monthly salary, you’ve already saved up more than enough)

Sound like a dream?

Let’s make it your new reality


If you want to:

  • Stop worrying about how you’ll pay your vendors (or the bank)
  • Quit stressing about stretching your cash flow through your slow season
  • Take a great salary every month - plus enjoy a quarterly profit bonus (mini family vacay?)
  • Confidently invest in that expensive-but-worth-it mastermind because you know you have the money for it 
  • Have total clarity and power over your business finances

and you are:

  • A small business owner or entrepreneur
  • 2+ years into running a successful (on paper) business 
  • Ready to hang with other growth-minded business owners who want greater financial clarity

You need Profit in Practice

No More Sleepless Nights Worrying About Money

“Before taking Profit in Practice and doing what April teaches, I had a lot of sleepless nights wondering how I would pay my vendors, rent or the tax bill. So much of my how much of my headspace was doing the math on my bank account - what’s coming in, what’s going out...

April’s systems removed the chaos and allow me to focus on the things that I'm good at. I feel much more confident in my ability to run my business. 

I have a profit account with money in it now. I haven't worried about how I'm going to pay my taxes in the last 6 months.”

Emily Tripton

Boxing Rock Brewing Company

Profit in Practice guides you through a series of recorded videos and weekly live group sessions

Module 1
The 4 Principles of Profit First  
We review the 4 principles and behaviors that help you shift your mindset around how you manage your expenses, profit, salary and taxes.
Module 2
Assessing the Financial Health of your Business
We’ll use your financial statements and other financial tools to analyse your financial health and level of risk.
Module 3
The Roll Out Plan
We’ll create your plan to implement the Profit First system into your business. This will help you have instant clarity on your financial wellbeing on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis.
Module 4
Profit Points
You’ll learn how to conduct an expense audit on your business. Using your profit and loss statement you will identify costs that lead to direct revenue and those that are negatively affecting your bottom line.
Module 5
Lifestyle Congruence
Taking an appropriate wage for yourself as a business owner is a key building block for your business. Often business owners confuse the profits of their business with their salary. We’ll set it straight and show you how to enjoy both a regular salary and quarterly profits.
My goals aren’t fairytales anymore - I know exactly where I’m going and how to get there

“Working with April is time and money well-spent. 

But it goes so much deeper than your pocketbook - I got a better appreciation for the things I have and how to achieve the things I want.

In these uncertain times, it helped me feel like I do have some say on how my life and business will go. Things stop being a fairytale or a wish. Now I have a plan. I have a roadmap. I might need to detour, but at least I know where I’m going and I know I’m going to get there.”

Colleen O’Toole
CEO in Trucking & Warehouse

If you want to feel peace of mind over your business finances, you need to know your numbers

It’s time to drop the shame and take control of your finances

Profit in Practice gives you a safe space to

✓ Refresh your financial know-how (like reading your P&L)
✓ Implement systems to help you plan your salary, expenses, profit and taxes
✓ Make smarter financial decisions
✓ Grow your confidence and resilience as a business owner 

Create ease, abundance
and profit in your business.

Join Profit in Practice

a 5 week online group course for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want financial clarity and ease

What’s Included

5 weekly training modules designed to help you understand your numbers, create financial sustainability and make smarter decisions

Value: $2500

10-hour live training sessions where you receive custom coaching and training by April. Have all your questions answered.

Value: $3500

Checklists to easily implement systems to create financial predictability and clarity

Value: $1200

Recorded video workshops to help you stay on-task throughout the course

Value: $1800

Access to a private Facebook Group filled with growth-minded entrepreneurs

Value: $priceless


5 weeks of email access

Value: $1800

Total Value: $10,800 

Your Investment: $2497

Profit in Practice begins April 20, 2021


Still on the fence?

That's ok. The time has to be right for you and your business. Join our Waitlist for the next Profit in Practice sessions—June 2021 and again in the Fall—and keep in touch. When you're ready, we'll be here to help you bring more Profit into your Practice.

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To ensure you receive the best support and coaching, enrollment is capped at 12 participants. 

Money Back Guarantee
If our work together doesn’t change your money story after three months, I’ll provide a scheduled refund. You may be asked to show a record of completed worksheets and financial statements.

“Working with April made everything so simple. She helped me create a plan to reach our goals today and for tomorrow. She boiled it all down to a simple system.
I'm in the best financial situation of my life, in no small part to working with April.”

Tony Bowron

CB Wetlands & Environmental Specialists
“Since working with April and setting up all the different Profit First accounts I have a completely different business. I now have a tax account and a supplier account. Her system is so simple. It relieved a huge amount of stress.
If you’re thinking of working with April, do it. Immediately.“

Louise O’Haran

Kitchen Design Plus
I appreciate April’s direct, no BS approach. Everything she teaches is helpful and actionable. It's not fluff. 
Initially, I questioned whether it was worth the time and investment. Now, I realize it was a gift to ourselves. Working with her is worth every penny.”

Wendy Batten
Retail Business Coach


More questions? Please email [email protected]
No more stress or “praying for a sale” to cover expenses

“Before working with April, I’d have huge stress during our lean months when business was slow. I’d try to stretch the cash and pray for a sale so we could comfortably pay rent or our tax bill. 
Since working with April and setting up all the different Profit First accounts I have a completely different business. I’m no longer guessing or "praying" for a sale to pay the bills. It has relieved a huge amount of stress! “

Coaching Client